Profile of Michiko Kataoka

Michiko Kataoka studied mandolin under Kinuko Hiruma in Tokyo and aimed to be a mandolin soloist.
She won the 1st prize at the 1st All Japan Mandolin Solo-competition in 1968.
In 1969 she has set up the Kataoka Mandolin Institute in Koenji, Tokyo and had her debut recital in Tokyo.
In 1978 she formed “Trio Nuovo”, consists of 2 mandolins and a guitar and the trio had many concerts in Japan and Germany and released CD “SAKURA”.
She was invited to mandolin festivals and training courses as a player and an instructor in Japan, Europe and U.S.A.
In addition to performing as a soloist and a member of ensembles, she is teaching at the Institute and manages pretty home concerts at which players in other field than mandolin perform to learn something from them at her studio.
She is an executive board member of the Japan Mandolin Union.

A Path (Michi)

The path that I walked steadily and tirelessly,
Mandolin that I played and taught as long as I remember,
As I take a moment now to stop and look around
I find myself surrounded by so many people.
Surrounded by those who taught me so much
Surrounded by those who inspired me and gave me power to continue on
So much happiness and joy that I was given by these people,
Never did I dream that such a day would come.
Such a happy person I truly am. Thank you to you all.
Keep on walking this path, I shall.
A narrow path is all I need.
I will carry my dreams along.
What could I possible give back to each and all of you? I wonder.
How rewarded I would be if I can provide and share little "dreams" and "hopes" with you.
My gratitude to all whose paths have crossed mine.
Cherishing every step of the way, keep on walking this road of mine, I shall.

Michiko Kataoka

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