Tre Fiori

About Tre Fiori

Tre Fiori, assembled in 2001, is composed of two mandolinists, Michiko Kataoka and Yayoi Matsushita, and a pianist, Natsuko Kataoka. The ensemble aims to yield heartful and warm harmony by enhancing the characteristics of each instrument and player.

Not limited to mandolin music pieces, the ensemble challenges various music categories. The group's principle stems from their belief in selecting the pieces they can feel passion in practicing and playing.

The performance combination of the trio includes:
Mandolin Duet
Mandolin & Piano
Two Mandolins & Piano
Mandolin, Mandora & Piano
Mandolin, Mandocello & Piano

"Tre Fiori" means "three flowers" in Italian. The name was given by internationally recognized mandolinist, Takashi Ochi, a student of Kinuko Hiruma and colleague of Michiko Kataoka and Yayoi Matsushita.

As its name "three flowers" suggests, the ensemble hopes to continue providing joy and peace of mind by sincerely devoting itself to music which it represents and loves.

(Japanese) 二つのマンドリンとピアノの音楽会 ムジカーザ


2016年2月26日(金) 午後7時開演  ムジカーザ  
出演 : トレ フィオーリ ・・・ 片岡道子 松下やよい(マンドリン) 小林夏子(ピアノ)
   ◇スペシャルゲスト 新岡 誠(ウッドベース)

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