Ensemble Niji (rainbow)

About Ensemble Niji (rainbow)

There was a program in "24 hour television" of 2003 titled "how visually impaired people enjoy playing mandolin". The instructors selected to train the four players who participated was Michiko Kataoka and the members of her mandolin institute.

After a hard and sometimes difficult process of practices, the program ended in very emotional success. The four players wished to continue playing the mandolin even after the program was over.

Upon participating in the institute's concert for the first time in the following year, the group was named "Niji (rainbow)".

Ever since, the group aims to practice and perform one music piece each year. Presently, their spouses also participate and enjoy playing together.

(Japanese) 第50回研究所発表会に参加



演奏曲 : 星に願いを  ・・・L. Herline/桜井至誠 編

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